YourMoneyGuard personal money management software

Money management calendar viewYourMoneyGuard is an easy to use calendar based personal money management software for handling personal finances. This application helps you in tracking, reporting your expenses and managing your budgets.

How to use YourMoneyGuard to manage your money

Key features

What's new in YourMoneyGuard 2.0

Money management calendar viewReminder function

Reminder function has been added to transactions. Reminders are useful when you add a future transaction and you want to get a remind before the transaction date. Remindered transactions will be appeared with a bell icon or a warning rectangle on the calendar depending on the selected value of the "Reminded ... days before" parameter in Preferences dialog.

Updated layout

The layout have been updated. New elements added to the main calendar (new icons for recurring transaction, events and reminders).

Money management calendar viewEvent management

Event management is an independent function from transactions with similar structure. Useful built-in functions (pre-filling, searching, multiple editing) can be used here as well. Events can be prioritised and categorised into user defined groups.

Print calendar

If you like taking notes on paper more than taking notes on computer, you can now print an empty calendar template.

Money management calendar viewMonthly limits chart

The new Monthly limits chart shows the spendings and limits by categories. On this chart, you can see all of your monthly spendings compared to the monthly limits.


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